RIS COMEX was successfully completed in June 2022

After more than six years of intensive cooperation among partners from 13 European countries, the RIS COMEX project was successfully completed in June 2022 – and the project results are impressive. The two systems EuRIS and CEERIS put an end to the long wait for a central European RIS platform and a smart electronic reporting platform.

— Explore EuRIS and CEERIS now at https://eurisportal.eu and https://ceeris.eu

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Both systems are free of charge and can be used by anyone. The privacy of all users is guaranteed.

RIS Corridor Management Execution

RIS COMEX is a CEF funded multi-Beneficiary project aiming at the definition, specification, implementation and sustainable operation of Corridor RIS Services following the results of the CoRISMa study. RIS COMEX started in the course of 2016 and will last until mid 2022. The project area covers altogether 13 different European countries having 14 partners joined their forces under the coordination of the Austrian Waterway Administration viadonau with the common goal to realise Corridor RIS Services.

The Vision of RIS Corridor Management

Corridor Management is the next step in the development of River Information Services that are described by PIANC and adopted in the EU RIS directive and the EU RIS Guidelines to improve safety, efficiency and reliability of inland navigation including positive effects on the protection of the environment.

Project Activities

RIS COMEX is organised in five Activities reflecting the individual phases of the project whereas those phases must not be considered as classically sequenced. Where Activity 1 deals with classical project management, Activities 2 and 3 are defining, specifying and implementing Corridor RIS Services who’s sustainable operation shall be ensured by the results of Activity 4. Additionally, Activity 5 deals in parallel with other challenges related to the project objectives.

Project Area

15 partners from 13 European countries are joining their forces within this project, making RIS COMEX the largest RIS implementation project in Europe so far.



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