One of the main challenges within the project is to elaborate and agree on a system architecture that allows the realisation of the defined Corridor- and Support Services. Besides the technical and functional requirements, also legal, organisational, financial, procedural and other limitations have a major impact on the potential architectures. On the 4th of July a workshop was organised in Rotterdam to present and discuss the national concepts related to information management focusing on electronic reporting of cargo- and voyage information; this was more or less a preparation workshop for the start of the architecture discussions. On the 26th of July the kick-off meeting for the architecture elaboration took place in Vienna followed by a detailed discussion within the Project management on 22nd of August in Brussels. The next architecture workshop took place on the 27th of September in Dordrecht followed by another workshop on the 12th of October in Budapest. The discussions during these workshops have affirmed that the elaboration of the system architecture will be one of the main challenges within RIS COMEX but all partners are joining their expertise to overcome this challenge.