The first COMEX Activity 3 Core Team Meeting of 2020 was hosted by the Waterways Directorate of the Czech Republic on January 28-29, 2020 in Prague.

The main agenda points were the status update of the data provision towards VisuRIS COMEX (e.g. AIS data, waterway network data), the status and planning related to the realisation of the corridor services within the VisuRIS COMEX system as well as the specifications and status of the joint procurement of the common electronic reporting system (CES) and its interfaces. The remaining open action points as well as the definition of subscriptions to services of all levels 1 – 3 were discussed. Furthermore, a monitoring concept and potential statistics for the intended corridor services and the related data were presented. Also, the newly created service specifications and their interfaces were introduced and discussed.

Last but not least, a detailed planning and roadmap of the implementation of the various corridor services in VisuRIS COMEX was presented.