After a very labour-intensive summer break, the members of the Activity 3 Core Team met from September 8th – 10th 2020 for the 15th COMEX Activity 3 Core Team meeting. Due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic this meeting was also held as a web meeting.

The main agenda points were the status of the VisuRIS COMEX Maintenance Contract, the presentation of the new VisuRIS COMEX demo environment and a status update of its Services as well as the updated planning for testing and evaluation of the system, which has already been initiated.

Furthermore, the dependencies of Activity 3 and 4 were presented in order to ensure a smooth and timely implementation of the system.

A highlight was the presentation of the new service functionalities for importing reference network data, RIS Index or facility files individually by each project partner. These reference data build the basis for all services provided at the portal. The task of each partner is now to provide the static reference and dynamic fairway related data to the latest specifications within the demo environment.