On October 22nd and 23rd, the members of the Activity 3 Core Teams met again in a web-meeting to present the latest developments and coordinate the further project progress.

Among other things, new services and functionalities in VisuRIS COMEX were presented and discussed, such as the berth reservation, message box and its proposal for automatic clean-up.

Furthermore, the Service Specifications of Level 1 were finalised and forwarded to the PMT for further approval.

The interconnection of national systems towards VisuRIS COMEX is almost complete: 12 out of 13 partners are already successfully providing basic network data and 11 out of 13 partners are already providing national AIS data towards VisuRIS COMEX.

Further progress has been achieved on the monitoring concept, which is in its final review phase. In addition, the elaboration of a useful collection of statistics continued and was discussed during the meeting. Service specifications for subscriptions have already been finalised and accepted by the partners.

During the meeting the partners were given a status update on the progress of the elaboration of the missing ERI XSDs by the experts of the ERI TWG, who meet in bi-weekly meetings to advance the ERI XSDs elaboration. Thereby, the ERI TWG is supported by the CEERIS system supplier.

Finally, a status update of the CEERIS implementation was presented: Phase 1 of the implementation was successfully completed in mid-October 2020 and so far, everything is running according to the tight implementation plan.


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