Between January 2014 and December 2015 the TEN-T funded project CoRISMa has been studying and defining the next steps in the development of River Information Services: RIS enabled Corridor Management on inland waterways aiming at mutually sharing information services among waterway authorities but also sharing those with waterway users and logistic partners in order to optimise the use of inland navigation corridors within the network of European waterways.


CoRISMa has built on the already widely available RIS-related infrastructure and systems and has succeeded in putting the spotlight firmly on the wide range of services that RIS can offer to support and enhance inland navigation.

CoRISMa has been carried out in a harmonized way in six countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France (observer) and Luxembourg under the coordination of the Dutch Ministry for Water, Transport and Environment, Rijkswaterstaat.

CoRISMa has made a major step in the development of a clear and harmonised vision on corridor management in Europe by developing a common and harmonised approach of European stakeholders on transport management (as the responsibility of the private stakeholders) and on traffic management (as the responsibility of the public stakeholders). Furthermore, within CoRISMa 6 Pilots have been realised proving the Corridor Management concept on different levels.

In short, CoRISMa paved the way for the realisation of RIS-enabled Corridor Management contributing to an increased efficiency but also safety and environmental friendliness of inland navigation, by facilitating the following:

  • Generation and sharing of information throughout the entire waterway network ensuring the international availability and reliability of RIS
  • Provision of specific relevant information to all stakeholders based on their needs
  • Constant focus on the key stakeholders:
    – Logistics users: shippers, terminal operators, freight brokers, cargo senders, etc.
    – Skippers
    – Vessel operators /fleet managers
    – Authorities: traffic and transport authorities, lock operators, port authorities, VTS operators, customs, water police, navigation surveillance, emergency service providers, etc.