On the 24th of October 2018 the RIS Corridor Management Stakeholder Symposium took place in Vienna in the framework of the Austrian EU Council Presidency, moderated by Karin De Schepper (INE). Starting with a warm welcome by viadonau General Manager Hans-Peter Hasenbichler, the symposium continued with motivating Keynotes by Vera Hofbauer (BMVIT), Désirée Oen (DG MOVE) and Nancy Scheijven (Rijkswaterstaat). Erik Schultz (ESO) and Mario Kaufmann (RIS COMEX Project Coordinator, viadonau) gave an interactive presentation about the RIS COMEX project focusing on the user requirements and the intended Corridor Services that will be put into operation by the end of 2020. The afternoon started with pointed statements and discussions during the panel session moderated by Mario Rohracher (GSV). After an entertaining speech on “Innovation that sticks” by Lars Sudmann, Karin De Schepper wrapped-up the conclusions of the day followed by a networking reception.

The feedback and statements of many of the participating representatives from the logistics sector, from the European Branch Organisations and from the European waterway administrations as well as from the related transport ministries underlined the importance of joint initiatives to harmonise River Information Services on (Pan-)Corridor level to provide seamless and easily accessible services for the users. It was mutually agreed that with RIS COMEX, covering Corridors among 13 European countries, the related ministries and waterway administrations have now the right tool and opportunity to make a major step forwards towards such harmonised seamless River Information Services. To be successful by the end of the project, support is certainly necessary on different levels, not at least to create and increase awareness as well as to continue and to intensify the involvement of the future users in order to ensure optimal services supporting the stakeholders in their daily business.

The presentations of the symposium can be downloaded here.

From left: Nancy Scheijven, Rijswaterstaat; Mario Rohracher, GSV; Vera Hofbauer, BMVIT; Désirée Oen, DG MOVE; Hans-Peter Hasenbichler, viadonau; Erik Schultz, ESO; Karin De Schepper, INE; Mario Kaufmann, viadonau; Foto: © viadonau/Zinner


Presenting and discussing the RIS COMEX project.
From left: Erik Schultz, ESO, Mario Kaufmann, Viadonau; Foto: © viadonau/Zinner

Panel discussion: Developing the roadmap for further digitalization of inland waterway transport.
From left: Henk v. Laar, EBU/ESO; Manfred Seitz, Pro Danube International; Vera Hofbauer, BMVIT; Désirée Oen, DG MOVE; Catherine Rivoallon, Port de Paris; Nik Delmeire, ESC; Mario Rohracher, GSV; Foto: © viadonau/Zinner

Foto: © viadonau/Zinner