RIS COMEX is a CEF funded multi-Beneficiary project aiming at the definition, specification, implementation and sustainable operation of Corridor RIS Services following the results of the CoRISMa study. RIS COMEX started in the course of 2016 and will last until the end of 2020. The project area covers altogether 13 different European countries having 14 partners joined their forces under the coordination of the Austrian Waterway Administration viadonau with the common goal to realise Corridor RIS Services. Furthermore, Poland joined the project as cooperation Partner in the course of 2018.

The RIS COMEX project aims for implementation and operation of cross-border River Information Services based on operational exchange of RIS data. These RIS-based Corridor (information) services shall allow for traffic management by the authorities and transport management by the logistics sector. They make use of available national infrastructure and services.

The main objectives of RIS COMEX are:

  • Development of an overall Corridor RIS Management concept (starting from CoRISMa results) in dialogue between RIS providers and logistics users (e.g. shippers, boat masters, vessel and fleet operators, terminal operators) to ensure the relevance of the implemented services.
  • Implementation and permanent operation of selected parts of the overall concept providing increased quality and availability of Fairway-, Traffic- and Transport Information Services resulting especially in a considerable increase of efficiency within Inland navigation transports and also directly contributing to the utilisation of the general benefits provided by RIS, i.e. increase of safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness of inland navigation as transport mode.
  • Defined and agreed operational arrangements (legal, organisational, financial, technical, quality) to ensure sustainable further development, implementation and operation of infrastructure and services for harmonised RIS enabled Corridor Management beyond the lifetime of the project.
  • Harmonisation of data exchange concepts for RIS data through the cooperative development and specification of RIS enabled Corridor Services avoiding the rise of different data exchange concepts.
  • Progress on harmonisation of transport information services on European and/or Corridor level based on existing solutions and concepts (e.g. IVS90, imagine, ERI agent, R2D2).
  • RIS COMEX, as the platform bringing together public and private actors in RIS enabled corridor management, will facilitate the dialogue between providers of River Information Services and logistics users (e.g. shippers, vessel and fleet operators, terminal operators).
  • RIS COMEX will develop harmonized River Information Services for inclusion in the DINA initiative and will bring RIS one step further to integration with other transport modes.

Based on these objectives the project aims specifically at:

  • Better planning of inland waterway transports (increased reliability of transport times)
  • Reduction of waiting and travel times
  • Increase of efficiency within the execution of inland navigation transports
  • Optimal use of infrastructure (increased utilisation of capacities)
  • Reduction of administrative barriers