By the end of June 2022, the project partners have successfully completed RIS COMEX. And that puts an end to the long wait for two sophisticated systems for different stakeholders in IWT.

On the one hand there is EuRIS (European River Information Services system) – the central European RIS platform 0000000000000000000000

EuRIS offers a one-stop-shop for all relevant fairway-, infrastructure- and traffic related information by combining the data of 13 countries at one platform. Users can retrieve information about severe blockages and the actual traffic situation on their sailing route, which potentially cause delays of their voyages. EuRIS offers tailor-made information services for the entire route that a skipper intends to use.

On the other hand there is CEERIS (Central and Eastern European Reporting Information System) – the smart electronic reporting platform for IWT

As a joint initiative of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia, CEERIS enables vessel operators navigating in the Danube corridor and the Elbe river in Czech Republic to fulfill all reporting requirements for a specific inland waterway transport in participating countries by “reporting only once” with “single entering of data”.

Further information can be found in the flyer of EuRIS and CEERIS linked here.

The systems are currently in the beta version. This means that EuRIS is still subject to improvements regarding data coverage, completeness and usability and that users cannot operationally report their voyages to the authorities so far in CEERIS. However, users can already register and get familiar with the environments and its services. The final version with all operational services will be available in September 2022.

Explore the beta versions now at and

Both systems are free of charge and can be used by anyone. The privacy of all users is guaranteed.

The results of the RIS COMEX project were presented during the RIS week, which took place from June 27th to July 1st in Berlin, including a live demo of the two new platforms EuRIS and CEERIS.


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