Within the fourth quarter of 2017 the project partners put a lot of effort into the further elaboration and draft-finalisation of the detailed definitions of the intended Corridor Services and the so called Support Services during and between workshops of the established Core Teams (10th to 12th of October in Budapest, 6th to 9th of November in Regensburg). The National Stakeholder Management was further executed to get specific questions answered from the future users of the intended services based on their needs and requirements. Specific focus was also put on the elaboration of potential architectural options and types to identify the intended preferences per country/corridor making another step forward towards the detailed system concept that has to be finalised and agreed on in the first quarter of 2018 as a starting point for the elaboration of the technical specifications and implementation within Activity 3 in the upcoming years. Another fruitful meeting of the Industry Reference Group took place in November in Brussels, moreover the second RIS COMEX Steering Committee Meeting was organised in December in Rotterdam.