Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Core Teams continued to work intensively and with full motivation on the implementation of the Corridor Services in quarters 2 and 3 of 2020 and did their utmost to push the project forward in order to ensure its scheduled completion.

Since spring this year 2020, the VisuRIS COMEX Service Specification and further clarifications concerning the Corridor Services to be realized by VisuRIS COMEX were further advanced. In addition, a handful of new services and functionalities were successfully implemented in VisuRIS COMEX. Moreover, the monitoring, subscriptions and statistics concepts for all level 1 – 3 services have been further developed.

Based on the VisuRIS COMEX Reference Network Model finalized in Q1, a group of experts has started with the elaboration of the specification of a relational database – the so-called “RIS Index 3000” – in order to include the characteristics of all European waterway networks, e.g. tidal influenced river mouths, free flowing river sections or canals to lakes.

Meanwhile 11 of 13 partners successfully connected to VisuRIS COMEX and are providing their national AIS data towards the common system.

Furthermore, the testing and evaluation of the system and its services has been initiated.

With regard to the legal framework, the Cooperation Agreement and the Core Arrangements, which form the organizational, financial and legal basis for the joint operation of VisuRIS COMEX, have been further advanced and are in their final elaboration phase.
Furthermore, the elaboration of the procurement framework as well as the specifications for a Joint Procurement of the VisuRIS COMEX system support and maintenance (operation) started.

Last but not least, the Joint Procurement for the Central and Eastern European Reporting Information System (CEERIS) was successfully completed and the best bidder, RGO Communications Ltd. was commissioned with the implementation of CEERIS. System development has been in full swing since September 1, 2020.
At the same time, an expert group consisting of members of the CEERIS Partners, Swing Initative Partners and the ERI TWG coordinates the amendments of the ERI messages in order to ensure a proper and seamless usage within the reporting systems and services.